Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

A lot of bloggers have written about this sory so it should be pretty familiar to everyone. A woman loses her son in Iraq and wishes to question the president - her president - about it. The President hides at his ranch and threatens to have her arrested in the name of national security.

So, a greiving mother stands on the side of the road waiting for an answer that will never come while the President - her President - sits in his ranch surrounded by all the panoply of power and avoids a question - and really it's such a simple question - that every mother has the right to ask and every mother should demand the answer. Yet the President - her President avoids the question. Perhaps the question strips all the false pretenses and vanities that our President has built up about himself. Perhaps the answer would reveal something in the soul of our President that he dare not face. Perhaps answering the question would be like looking in the mirror and seeing Richard the Third staring back at him.
Perhaps his reflection would say:
"Perjury, perjury, in the high'st degree,
Murder,stern murder, in the dir'st degree -
all several sins, all used in each degress,
Throng to the bar, crying all 'Guilty, guilty!'
I shall despair. There is no creature loves me,
And if I die, no soul shall pity me."

It seems strange to see a woman standing in the road asking for so little while the leader of the most powerful nation on earth sits behind fences, sits behind the Secret Service, sits behind the pretense of national security. Some moral clarity is lacking here that perhaps an answer might reveal. I think it is shame that prevents the President from going out in the street and answering this woman, I think if he were to come face to face with her the facade would crumble - being stripped of all the illusions you hold about yourself can be painful.
So, I say Mr. President you are no gentleman, you are no christian, you are no leader until you can face the grief of a mother crying - and perhaps dying a little - for her son.