Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Come Sail Away With Me...

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One of my Joys in life is sailing. I own a San Juan 21 and during most of the summer I can be found out at the lake sailing. Normally, I keep my boat at the Lake Carlyle from the end of March to the end of October, after which I keep it at home. It is almost time to take take it back to the lake. These picture are from last summer (I just downloaded the software to use pictures on my blog and am still experimenting). I am the guy in Cardinal red and my wife is sitting near the tiller. Basically, We keep the boat on it's trailer (like the boats in the background) and lower it into the water via a hoist. So here we are rigging the sails.
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Here we are still rigging the sails (incidently, the guy in white is a racer and has won several nationals- I am not into racing myself, although my wife wants to).

Under Sail Posted by Hello

And Finally, here we are undersail!