Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pharyngula Has Cursed St. Louis

Not in the sense of calling it a bunch of bad names. Allow me to explain. PZ did a post on a creationist ninny who happened to be from my own home city of St. Louis. Being properly apalled and not wanting people to mistake St. Louis for Kansas I left a comment apologizing for the creationist ninny on the cities behalf (no need to thank me Mayor Slay - just doing my bit to help make the world a better place). What was the response?

Afarensis, we won't hold your city accountable unless by some godawful freakish curse of contrariness, you elect Birdnow to the school board.

He actually said that on his blog, just flung it out there for the wingnuts to read and act on. It's like saying "What could possibly go wrong" as soon as you say it something goes wrong. St. Louis is doomed. My one consolation is that I actually live in St. Louis County and my school district wouldn't be affected. None the less, we do need to be careful about what we say out loud.