Monday, October 03, 2005

The Meme

Aydin at Snail's Tales has tagged me with the meme that is going around. So without further ado...

What were you doing 10 years ago? Ten years ago I was beggining what would become the second worst semester in my educational career. I was actually looking forward to the semester because I was starting the research on my master's thesis. I was going to examine some recently created methods for determining gender from the tibial plateau (really more in the way of verification on modern forensic samples). I was also going to try and apply them to zooarchaeological situations. At any rate, during the course of the semester I came down with bronchitis on three separate occasions. The third time I developed cough syncopy to go along with the bronchits - which means I passed out almost every time I coughed. I managed to muddle through the semester with GPA intact.

What were you doing five years ago? Five years ago I was working for a company that provided nurse case management for worker's comp claims (don't get hurt in Missouri is all I can say - Blunt's made it worse). I was also back at a community college taking Trigonometry and College Algebra. There is a silver lining in every cloud and somewhere along the line I saw the good in being knocked out of college (see the previous post). You see, I didn't really pick the master's thesis I wanted, mainly because I didn't have the math (if you are reading this post and want to be a physical anthropologist take math, a lot of math, chemistry, evolutionary biology and evo-devo wouldn't hurt either - neither would some good classes in comparitive anatomy). What I would have liked to have done was test Martin Bernal's theories developed in "Black Athena" concerning the ethnicity of the greeks. In particular I wanted to see if there was any biological admixture between the greeks and surrounding peoples. This would have required more math than I had so I was back in school trying to acquire the tools I needed to become the type of anthropologist I want to be.

What were you doing one year ago? One year ago I was starting the scanning department for my current employer. I was out of college, again, because my wife wanted to go and since I had a B.A. I felt it was her turn. I'm a very patient person - I'll have a Ph.D before all is said and done.

What were you doing yesterday? Writing a post on my one year anniversery as a blogger! Oh, and packing.

Five songs you know the words to? Well, that's kind of tough... Once upon a time I used to play a bamboo flute (I also used to play the trumpet - Louis Armstrong rules!) and had the sheet music to quite a lot of songs - play them enough and you learn them by heart. So, pretty much anything off Neil Young's Harvest, Stairway to Heaven, Ben (I don't know why I know the words to that - seen the movie once to often I guess). Anything off Black Sabbath's Paranoid.

Five snacks you like? Popcorn, Baby Ruth, Trail Mix, Bannanas, Milk Duds

Five things you would do with $100 million? I divide this into two sections. The selfish part: Finish my education, increase my library size significantly (this applies to books and monster movies - a weakness of mine), buy a 40 ft Hallberg-Rassy and sail to greece with my family:

They are beautiful, beautiful boats and cost a small fortune.

Then I would make sure several other family members are taken care of, which should really be included in the altruistic section. The altruistic part: endowe some scholarships in science so others could attend college. Either start an evolution research institute or maybe endowe the NCSE.

Five places I would run away to? Anyplace the sailing is good, in particular the Aegean. Greenland (as long as I wasn't unemployed). Aydin mentioned Darwin's house and that would be cool - as would the Galopagos Islands. Hadar would be fantastic as would Olduvai Gorge.

Five things I would never wear? Those skimpy swimming trunks Brazillian and Italian men wear at the beach (at least not without doing some serious exercising). This is a really tough question. I'm stumped...

Five greatest joys? Does Mrs. afarensis count? The little afarensis' too. The explosion in my brain when I have an "eureka" moment and solve a difficult problem. Sailing. Chess (although it's been awhile - I really admire the style of Aron Nimzovitch if that means anything to any of you). Fencing. Reading.

Five favorite toys: My computer obviously. Slide rules - I have five. Having a telescope and a microscope would be fun as would a digital camera.

Five people I'm tagging? Most of the bloggers I know have already done this so I'm leaving that open to whoever wants to do it.