Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This is cool! From National Geographic News (link above):

"The next morning Yaowalak and her Bangkok-based team from the Thailand Department of Mineral Resources traveled to the site. The scientists soon began unearthing a treasure trove of fossils: skulls of a gavial (a crocodile-like reptile) and a spotted hyena, deer antlers, and a buffalo horn.

"I've never seen such a community of large mammals in one excavation," said Yaowalak, who has since been studying the remains. "

"The preservation [of the fossils] is exceptional," said Jean-Jacques Jaeger, a professor of paleontology at Montpellier II University in France.

Jaeger, who has announced past discoveries of primate fossils in Thailand, is working with Yaowalak on the latest excavation.

The scientists have not yet established the exact age of the fossils, but they estimate the remains are about 400,000 years old.