Friday, January 06, 2006

PZ Myers on Daily Kos

In case you haven't stumbled across this elsewhere, Darksyde interviewed PZ Myers here. Fascinating stuff...

A couple of my favorites:

"...if I started babbling about tiny changes in feeding behavior in different strains of zebrafish, or error rates in cell migration in the presence of teratogens, there'd be maybe two or three people in the world who'd care, and they'd just check in once every six months to see what was new!"

The changes in feeding behavior sounds interesting.

As far as the charge of being too liberal -- no one can be too liberal. We can only be not liberal enough.

This is my favorite quote from the interview. I get really torqued when I hear some lame brain bragging about how he is getting more conservative now that he's getting older...

When religious superstition dissipates and wafts away before reason like a fog in the noonday sun, then we will have achieved an appropriate balance.

Poetically said, and all the more poetic for being true...

You will have to read the rest at Daily Kos.

(P.S. Good job Darksyde!)