Saturday, June 11, 2005

afarensis Needs You: More on the Blog Idea

I have created a site Transitions: The Evolution of Life. The blogging software is a little different than what Blogger uses, so I am still playing around with it. I do have one post up just as a test. As mentioned in the previous post, the site will be devoted to the evolutionary history of, well, life. The target audience will be junior high (or middle school) and high school students. The purpose is to help counteract the rising tide of creationism/intelligent design in our schools by giving students a place to go for information on evolution. That being the case, I am seeking input, advice and help - especially from teachers and scientists - although any one can contribute. I am looking for age appropriate posts (or links to them), links to interesting and creative sites on the web, interesting learning activities, field trips etc.
Feel free to contact me through the comments section of this blog or by email at: