Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thinking About Intelligent Design

Added Later: I am going to keep this up at the top for a day or two.

In the last few days a legislator in Utah has introduced a bill requiring ID to be taught, a zoo in Tulsa is being forced to create a creationist display and in Virginia a teacher has been passing out creationist propaganda for years. I should also mention this idea (via Red State Rabble) to help high schools in Kansas that teach evolution. But what about the students who are not taught about evolution?
I try to contribute to the Friday Ark on a regular basis and when I do I always try to include something on the evolutionary history of whatever organism I'm posting on. It occured to me, given the emphasis of computers and internet research in high schools, that this might be a way to go. I don't mean we should all rush out and flood Modulator with posts about evolution. But maybe we could create a new "Evolution Ark" called something like "Transitions" where once or twice a week people could write up a post (with pictures and maybe links to a few places with more info) on the evolution of whatever critter they feel like. That way, high school students (and others) searching the net for info on animals, plants, etc will have a place to find out about evolution (and who knows some of those kids could be in schools that don't teach evolution so this would be their first exposure to real science).