Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Godzilla Blogging

Usually when I go to rent movies I always check out the used videos for sale bin. Occassionally I find some good stuff for cheap prices.
Recently, I bought Godzilla vs Gigan

This is one of the cheesier movies in the series. Godzilla actually talks (although I've seen worse). Basically, giant cockroaches are trying to take over the earth because their planet is too polluted. Their plan involves a monster related theme park (with a near life size statue of Godzilla), Gigan and Ghidra. They are opposed by an artist (created the homework monster for the theme park), a girl who's brother worked for the theme park (as a scientist) and is now missing, her hippy friend (yeah, I know, but I actually liked this character) and of course Godzilla and Angilas (who was, to say the least, quite useless).

It's actually quite watchable! Of course, I've never met a Godzilla movie I didn't like.