Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What the Blogs I Read Are Talking About

Ed Brayton over at Dispatches From The Cultures Wars has an iuntersting post on Bork and the nomination of Supreme Court Judges.

Chris Clark at Creek Running North has an interesting post called "Eft"

Michelle at The Culture of Chemistry has an interesting and skeptical look at the use of titanium in sports.

The Dharma Bums have some amazing pictures of a kingfisher.

Evolgen, who has caught a bad case of John Davisonitis, has an interesting post on genotype and phenotype.

John Wilkins at Evolving Thoughts has a post on his trip to Toronto.

Immunoblogging has a post (and videos) of predatory mice attacking albatross chicks - learned behavior apparently.

Keats' Telescope has an interesting post comparing non-coding DNA in mice and humans.

Niches has an interesting post about aphids and ants.

Pat Hayes at Red State Rabble points us to some photos of Scopes, Darrow and Bryan taken during the infamous trial. (How does he find this stuff?)

Aydin Orstan at Snail's Tales wraps up his series on Say's Snails.

Oldwhitelady at It's Morning Somewhere has an interesting take on the death of James Doohan...