Wednesday, December 14, 2005

afarensis is Going to Seed!

Since the cat has poked his nose out of the bag I'll help it out a little further. I have been asked to join to Seed Magazine's new blog consortium as well. It looks like a fascinating opportunity. As Ed Brayton says, arrangements will be made so you won't even have to change your bookmarks.
Unlike Ed, however, I do plan on using this opportunity to make a few - minor - changes that I have been considering for awhile. For example, I have found it a little difficult to blog about anthropological subjects since at this point I am not a practicing anthropologist. The problem is that I haven't, until now, had much access to the anthropological literature, but Santa has promised to bring afarensis some journals for Christmas. The main exception being I am still looking for two people to sponsor me so I can get the AJPA. With that in mind, you may notice a little more focus on anthropology. Instead of quoting chunks of articles as background I am going to do a lot more of the background myself. As I said, minor changes.
Unlike Ed, I have no idea who else is going to Seed - part of the fun at this point is trying to figure that out!

Added Later: Stranger Fruit as well