Saturday, December 24, 2005

Open Access Journals and the Evil Darwinian Orthodoxy

Geotimes has an interesting discussion of open access journals:

Open-access publishing has been heralded both as the savior of scientific literature and the death of publishing, but after less than a decade of the practice, its impact remains uncertain. A new review indicates that the success of these free and open journals also remains to be seen.
The movement to make scientific journals freely available has been growing worldwide in recent years.

About 1,600 journals have followed the open-access model, whereas more than 20,000 non-open-access journals are regularly published around the world. The movement to make scientific journals freely available has been growing worldwide in recent years, with added attention in the United States due partly to a policy introduced last year by the National Institutes of Health. The federal agency encourages its researchers to enter their papers in an online database open to the public, within six months of publication.

Does anybody know the URL of this Online Database?

The entire article is worth reading in it's own right, but I have different motives for mentioning it. You may notice a section on my sidebar, named "The Evil Darwinian Orthodoxy". It contain's link to a number of scientific journals dealing with evolution. I am alway's on the lookout for more and since the above quote mentions 1,600 open access journals and 20,000 non-open access journals I figure I've barely scratched the surface here. In a word, even though I beg and plead some of my readers are holding out on me! So I'm going to beg and plead some more! Please, pretty please with sugar on top, leave some journal titles in the comments (links would be nice but are not required). Don't make me show up at your site and whine pathetically! You won't (to paraphrase Bruce Banner) like me when I get whiney!

I was inspired to create the list based on an idea of Josh Rosenau at Thoughts From Kansas. You see Josh created The Evolution Prject and the Non-Evolution Project wherein he documents the relative contibutions of evolutionists and Intelligent Design proponents to the advancement of science (we are still waiting for a contribution from ID ...). So I thought wouldn't it be a grand idea if we had a list of all the science journals dealing with evolution. So that we could refer people to them. Refering people to say, Talk Origins or the NCSE, is great but I think it would be helpful if we could also send to to some journals where they could see how science actually works. Doesn't that sound worthwhile? How can you still hold out? You will be amply rewarded with the warm fuzzies that come from knowing you helped halt the spread of stupidity in America, so come on pony up with the Journals!