Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hello from Mrs Afarensis

Hello, this is "Mrs. Afarensis." Afarensis asked me to do a short guest blog in his absence. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday for observation - nothing too serious. I think, however that 23 hours without contact from this community and being able to post to his blog and read the postings of others is really about to get to him.

Of course, I told him I would post something that would make his skin crawl - I think he believed me because he turned white as ghost and had that 'Maybe I should have thought this through more carefully' look on his face. That in itself was worth a chuckle.

He should be home tomorrow and I KNOW that the first thing he will do is check this site and make sure there is a "fresh" posting for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by this site - sorry you had to put up with me instead!


Mrs. Afarensis