Monday, April 04, 2005

Words mean What?

Back when I was a boy, well really a teenager, my mother and older sister used to drag me to church. It was rather interesting in that occasionally the preacher would get to ranting and raving about communism and the power of words. Bolshevik, he would thunder, means majority party. But they wern't he would say, they were the minority party - when they first started out. But within a few years they became the majority party. It's because words have power, and nothing can be more powerful than the words of GOD, or so he said. I don't know if his definition is true, but his point about words having power is well taken. Every time I hear an ID creationist talk about the "scientific" controversy or of the growing number scientists who question evolution I am reminded of this story. Every time I read, in a fair and balanced newspaper, about how ID creationist don't want god in the classroom I am reminded of this story. Every time I hear about the reactionary Darwinian Orthodoxy suppressing the work of the poor downtrodden ID creationists I am remided of this story. Words do have power and it would behoove us not to let those words, however badly they may reflect reality, become true.