Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kansas Needs Your Help

Added Later: I'm keeping this at the top for awhile.

I don't know how many of my readers live in Kansas, but if you do I would like to direct your attention to two posts at Red State Rabble. In the first we learn:

"In private interviews with employees," reports Rothschild, "the transition team, appointed by Corkins after he was hired last month, has asked, 'What is your general reaction to school choice, charter schools and parental empowerment?'”

"Christy Levings, president of the Kansas-National Education Assn., said the question was unfair," according to Rothschild.

“'It’s a difficult position to put state employees in,' Levings said because Corkins is a known supporter of vouchers, which allows the use of state tax dollars to send students to private schools."

As the appointment of Corkins, the hiring of David Awbrey, and the contract with Harden demonstrate, political loyalty -- not competence -- will now be the standard by which all things are judged at the department of education.

I, for one find this appalling and urge you, if you live in Kansas, to stand up and make a difference. From the second post:

The painful irony for Kansans is that opposition to public education -- once the preoccupation of a few isolated individuals on the lunatic fringe -- is now being organized out of the State Board of Education and by the top administrators in the Kansas State Department of Education.

That is why it is absolutely essential for the people of Kansas -- the overwhelming majority of whom take justifiable pride in the state's history of support for public education -- to take the state school board away from the fanatics who now control it and put it back into the hands of experienced adults.

I urge those of you who don't live in Kansas to read these to posts and take notes because if this works in Kansas in will be showing up in your state next. It is time to stand up and put a stop to this kind of nonsense - whether you live in Kansas or not. To that end let's take Pat Hayes' advice and donate to those who are striving to keep rationality in education:

To win, McDonald believes he will have to raise nearly $100,000. He needs your help. RSR strongly urges supporters of public education in Kansas to support McDonald by writing a check to the Committee to Elect Harry McDonald and sending it to 11917 W. 143rd St., Olathe, KS 66062.

If you live out of state, as many RSR readers do, you should remember that much of the funding for the far right candidates will come from wealthy out-of-state donors who give regularly to right-wing causes.

Several blog sites have made much ado about supporting bloggers but this is so much more important. Please give what you can to the address above (Pat says he will be talking about other candidates in the coming weeks and I urge you to watch for them and donate whatever you can). I, personally, live from paycheck to paycheck but am going to donate $20 to Mr. McDonald out of my next paycheck (I'll let you know when this happens) and challange my readers to donate (no set amount - whatever you can) as well.