Saturday, November 19, 2005

Transitions: Site of the Week

I have instituted a new "Site of the Week" category over at Transitions (which I hope will actually be weekly).

You can find out about the first site here. As always if you have a post that you think will fit with the mission of Transitions drop me a line. For example, if somebody had an interesting post on theEvolution of the Cichlid Mandible... or some such (you can also consult the posts already up for examples of what I am looking for).

I am also on the look out for more sites to link to, please consult the list of links at Transitions to get an idea of what I'm looking for. I'm especially interested in finding the following: interactive sites, sites with activities that teachers can bring into the classroom and sites dealing with the evolution of organisms other than hominins. This later is particularly important since at the moment there is a pronounced bias towards human evolution. So, if you know of any good sites relating to the evolution of you favorite organsism (note: I also don't have much on invertebrates, viruses, etc.)leave a link in the comments section or email me. I should also mention that I'm looking for links on the "Cambrian Explosion".