Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Take on The National Geographic Home floresienses Show

First off, enough with the cheesy CGI dramatizations! Really, they added nothing and took time away from actually imparting information. I think the producers must have spent too much time watching shows about dinosaurs.

Having said that, it was actually okay. Parts were actually filmed on Flores and in Ling Bua (which we learned how to pronounce). There were sections on the discovery, on Falk and her work (including some other neuroanatomists), on how Homo erectus might have got to Flores (which was one of the more interesting parts), island dwarfing, and the eventual fate of the "hobbits" - which included a brief discussion of the Abu Gogo.

It was obviously filmed well before the recent Nature article as in the article the discoveres moved away from the interpretation of H. floresiensis as H. erectus selected for small size.

Mrs. afarensis and my 15 year old both found it interesting.