Saturday, November 05, 2005

Papers Read This Week

Aydin over at Snail's Tales has a post up about the papers he has read this weak and it seemed like a good idea so I'm doing the same.

Martin, R. 1986. Primates: A Definition. In Major Topics in Primate and Human Evolution, ed B. Wood, L. Martin, and P. Andrews, pp 1-31, Cambridge Univ. Press. An interesting discussion of how to define primates. Also has some interesting ideas on the primates fossil record.

Rassmusen, D. T. 1986. Anthropoid Origins: A Possible Solution to the Adapidae-Omomyidae Paradox. J. Hum. Evol. 15:1-12.

A Toxic Mutator and Selection Alternative to the Non-Mendelian RNA Cache Hypothesis for hothead Reversion by Comai and Cartwright. Discusses some interesting genetics in Arabidopsis thaliana.

EST Analysis of the Cnidarian Acropora millepora Reveals Extensive Gene Loss and Rapid Sequence Divergence in the Model Invertebrates Subject of some controversy since a post on a creationist blog was refused at 'Circus of the Spineless". So I decided to track it down to see if what it was about.

Metazoan Evolution: Some Animals Are More Equal than Others I decided to do a little more research on the subject and this paper puts it into context. Seems to me ID types should do a little bit more research rather than stopping at whater phrase reinforces their preconceived notions.

Andrew, P. 1995. Ecological Apes and Ancestors. Nature 376:555-556. Cited by Luskin, will have more to say about it in my next post - but, again, ID types really need to do a bit more research before they start citing articles.

Unknown, 'Deviant' Burials Reveal Death on the Fringe in Ancient Societies. Science 310:613. Interesting discussion of some unusual burials in England - and the light they cast on the standard practive of examining "status burials" in anthropology.